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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Rant - LEAVE SANTA ALONE!!!!!

Ok I think things are going just a little too far now! Just saw on Yahoo where Santa will not say "HO HO HO" anymore instead he is to be saying "HA HA HA".

This from Sydney Australia...

Santas were told NOT to use the "HO HO HO" greeting because it is offensive to women. WTF??? Instead they have been told to use "HA HA HA".

The article said that one reason was that "HO HO HO" was too close to the US slang term for prostitute and that it could also frighten children. Again WTF???
Gimme a freakin break now... Show me a little kid who does not understand that "ho, ho, ho" has any other meaning. They have NOT been told this.

Should Stanta change is behavior because a few women find it offensive? I think not!
What about the male prostitues? Should they also find it offensive?

My opinion is if any woman or man for that matter, is offended by Santa saying "ho ho ho" then they should be medicated and carted off in a white jacket until the holidays are over. I cant believe that anyone would be offended by something that brought them joy when they were children. Don't punish the kids just because you have no common sense.

Ahhh yes here we go back to "Common Sense"... remember the Obitutary that I posted on Tuesday???
Leave Santa alone!
Proudly Brought to You by Dixie 8:22 AM

Comments on "Another Rant - LEAVE SANTA ALONE!!!!!"


Blogger Mags said ... (11/15/2007 9:42 AM) : 

I just read this article my self, and boy, can I say that this is ridiculous! People need to loosen up. There are times when things are inappropriate and need to be addressed, but THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

For goodness sake-LEAVE SANTA ALONE!


Blogger Sandee (Comedy +) said ... (11/15/2007 10:41 AM) : 

This politically correct bullshit is killing us girlfriend. I don't give a rats-ass about the whores out there. Let the skanks be offended. I feel so much better now. Have a great day Dixie. :)


Blogger Sarge Charlie said ... (11/15/2007 1:50 PM) : 

It is time to teach those that use HO to replace whore the correct way to say whore. Then Santa could say HO HO HO.......


Blogger Matt-Man said ... (11/15/2007 2:01 PM) : 

You'd think that of all people Aussies wouldnt give a rats ass. After all, they're always drunk. Cheers!!


Blogger Turnbaby said ... (11/15/2007 2:48 PM) : 

I saw this ---it's LOONY.


Blogger Bond said ... (11/15/2007 3:43 PM) : 

Of course I saw this and think it is totally f***ed....the PC thing is out of hand... though I am not sure I would call them 'skanks' personally


Blogger Travis said ... (11/15/2007 7:31 PM) : 

This just in:

300 pre-school children have been admitted to psychiatric wards in Sydney Australia. The children, ages 2-4, have been crying non-stop since they witnessed the arrest of two dozen Santas.

The Santas, dressed in full regalia for a holiday parade, were marching downtown and waving to the crowd when police in riot gear halted the parade. The officers shouted for the Santas to get on their knees with their hands on top of their heads.

When some of the Santa's didn't respond quickly enough or seemed confused by the instructions, police moved in and physically restrained them. Some of the Santas were forced face down on the ground with the stuffing for their jolly bellies yanked out of their coats. That's when the children began crying. None could be comforted and ambulances were called to the scene.

When asked about the arrests, a police spokesman said that the Santas had broken a statute requiring them to refrain from using the phrase "ho ho ho". When they refused to desist, arrest warrants were issued.

Police had no comment on the plight of the children. Parents are horrified.

There has been no official comment from the North Pole regarding the incident. Reliable sources, who refused to be named for this story, hinted that the officers involved had been re-assigned to the naughty list.


Blogger Tug said ... (11/15/2007 8:52 PM) : 

Wow. PC is WAY out of hand...I'm totally with you on this one!

So now Santa's going to LAUGH AT US? I might cry.


Blogger katherine. said ... (11/15/2007 10:35 PM) : 

you have GOT to be joking.

(actually I also saw where some group was protesting to make Santa thin because he currently promotes an unhealthy image.)


Blogger Anndi said ... (11/16/2007 1:25 PM) : 

How dumb...


Blogger Meribah said ... (11/16/2007 6:37 PM) : 

I saw this too. It's totally ridiculous.


Blogger Desert Songbird said ... (11/20/2007 10:39 AM) : 


of all this political correctness SHIT.


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