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I'm a 40 something single mother of 2 - Matt, a United States Marine, who is married to the most beautiful girl in the world, Ashley and Kaitlin 14 going on 21, need I say more... two grandchildren, Tyler and Jordyn who is the applie of Mimi's eye... I have the most wonderful man in my life right now. Tony is my true soulmate. I am so happy with my life.... it can't get any better than this!

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Monday, September 03, 2007

In loving memory of Kenneth Brush

09/11/1933 - 09/03/2006


My daddy ran a mom and pop type grocery store most of his life, 40 years to be exact. There was a lot of things that my daddy had to deal with in his life.

My daddy was not only the best dad around, but he was the best man around.

My daddy was known around our area for not only his grocery store, but for doing people honest, and doing no matter what the job was, he done it right the first time.

My daddy would spend quality time with us kids even if it meant we could help him at the store. In his time away from the store we would take family vacactions, we would ride horses, go fishing, or hunting, but whatever we did we had fun together. Daddy always liked to play games and pranks with us.

My daddy taught us kids our Christian values at our grocery store. My daddy never made much money at the grocery store, but we were always happy.

My daddy always found a way to buy the things we needed if it meant staying open longer each day or opening up after church on Sunday but one things for certain he always made time for God.

After 40 years at the store he one day he had to give it all up, for all those long hard days of work had caught up with his health.

What I miss the most about my daddy was our talks, for he would tell me about when he was young. How he got played basketball as a young man, how he married the love of his life, how he worked so hard to start a wonderful family, how he prayed that God would send him the three children he had to make his life complete. For you see, my older brother was my daddy's natural child, but my younger brother and I were adopted. God knew what he was doing when he gave us our dad.

Although my daddy is gone, he still lives, for he lives through us. There are so many things that he did or said that I find myself saying and doing. He made such an impact on our lives ... He made me the person that I am today.
Proudly Brought to You by Dixie 6:01 PM

Comments on "In loving memory of Kenneth Brush"


Blogger Mushy said ... (9/02/2007 9:16 PM) : 

Wonderful tribute.


Blogger Amazing Gracie said ... (9/03/2007 1:05 AM) : 

Things like this always make me misty-eyed. I'm very sorry for your dad's death. You did a great job in bringing your dad to us. My father died 38 years ago and I miss him dearly.


Blogger Meribah said ... (9/03/2007 8:57 AM) : 

A good parent should always be treasured. Thank you for sharing yours with us. Hugs.


Blogger Turnbaby said ... (9/03/2007 10:04 AM) : 

I bet he's the proudest Daddy in heaven right now.


I love you Sugarbaby--my sister I picked



Blogger Desert Songbird said ... (9/03/2007 11:11 AM) : 

You were so blessed to have such a wonderful daddy. I miss my daddy, too; he's been gone 21 years this Christmas.


Blogger Dana said ... (9/03/2007 4:16 PM) : 

Wonderful, touching tribute, Dixie.


Blogger Linda said ... (9/03/2007 4:29 PM) : 

Such a lovely and touching tribute to a man you obviously loved very much. My Dad's been gone now for a little over four years but it's still hard to believe it sometimes.

God bless!


Blogger Sarge Charlie said ... (9/03/2007 5:57 PM) : 

This is truly a nice post Dixie, your daddy did good girl..........


Blogger lala said ... (9/03/2007 7:31 PM) : 



Blogger Crazy Working Mom said ... (9/03/2007 10:21 PM) : 

What a great job he did raising such a wonderful woman! :)

That's a beautiful tribute.


Blogger angell said ... (9/04/2007 7:57 AM) : 


Wonderful Dix.

Now I've gotta go and hug my daddy.



Blogger Anndi said ... (9/05/2007 6:01 AM) : 

Daddy did a wonderful job in making you who you are... and I'm blessed you're in my life.



Blogger Mitchypoo said ... (9/07/2007 1:46 PM) : 

I'm so sorry for your loss, but what a lucky girl you are and your family too, to have a special man such as him in your life.


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