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I'm a 40 something single mother of 2 - Matt, a United States Marine, who is married to the most beautiful girl in the world, Ashley and Kaitlin 14 going on 21, need I say more... two grandchildren, Tyler and Jordyn who is the applie of Mimi's eye... I have the most wonderful man in my life right now. Tony is my true soulmate. I am so happy with my life.... it can't get any better than this!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How is all turned out...

How I visioned my July 4th vacation was not was I got. Nope, my dear son had other ideas.

Back in May, the manager at the Burger King gave him a job knowing that he would only be there until the first of July. His words to Matt when he hired him went something like this, note this is coming second hand from Matt...

"Matt, I'm hiring you knowing that you will only be here for approximatley 2 months. I'm hiring you because (1) you are graduating from one of the best high schools around. Not only did I too graduate from AHS, but my mom is a teacher there. (2) but most importantly, you have made a very brave decision to serve our great country and I know that the Marines don't take no junk. I know that you're a very disciplined young man."

So with that, Matt got a job flipping hamburgers...

So with that, Matt had to work all weekend before the week of the 4th and that was the end of his hamburger flipping days.

For some strange odd reason, Matt doesn't want to stay at home. He wants to have some of his last hoorahs on the weekend.

I'm okay with that. I'm thinking that he will spend the week at home piddling around the house and spend time with momma. WRONG..... oh was I ever so WRONG!!!

He did spend most of the day Monday with me. I attempted to lay around the pool but that didn't happen either. Every time I'd get really good and comfy on my float here I'd go flipping over. Yup, Matt would swim under me and tip me over. I would get back on my float and here we would go again.

"Matt, would you PLEASE leave me alone, I'm trying to relax"

"Mom, in about 3 weeks you'll be wishing that I was here to pick on you."

"Well, right now I'm trying to get some sun... go pick on someone else and I don't mean your sister either."

Here I'd go again, flipped off the float. The entire time Matt is giggling like a 4 year old.

Yes, he is right. I know that I will be wanting him to pick on me again. I know that I will be wanting him to come up behind me, putting his arms around me and giving me a big ole' bear hug. I know that I will be wanting him to come over to the couch where I am sitting, bend over, pinch me on both cheeks and give me a big sloppy wet kiss on my forehead all the time telling me how much he loves me.

Ahhhh yes, Matt will tell me that he loves me often. It doesn't matter who is around. He has NEVER been afraid of saying those three little words to me. Even in those awkard years when I'd drop him off at school or anywhere for that matter, would kiss me, hug me and tell me he loved me.

Also on Monday, we got news that he will head out to Parris Island as a Private First Class. Not only did he get one of his classmates to join he got another young man to join that will leave with him also. So there will be three young men leaving from this area on July 23. He will get to graduate with a stripe on his arm ... I'm very proud of him for this accomplishment.

That being said, he leaves me alone for about an hour and goes to pick the other kid to spend the night. Now I have not only Matt picking on me but Adrian as well ...

But you know these boys are excited about leaving. The both told me that they are ready to go but also admit that they are scared and nervous.

I finally have had enough of being flipped off my float, get out of the pool, go inside to start supper. I've got a hungry family to feed. Yes, I did remeber how to cook.

Monday nights supper was one of Matt's favorite meals ... meatloaf, stir-fry veggies, fresh garden tomatos and sweet tea. Nothing was left ... I believe that was the best meatloaf I have ever made.

So that was Monday ... not much happened. We did have a few mother/son conversations that were very special to me.

I missed all y'all so terribly much. One lesson that I did learn was NEVER TO GO WITHOUT COMMUNICATING WITH MY BLOGGER FRIENDS FOR OVER A WEEK AGAIN!

So there you have it... my word.. I'll NEVER do it again.

Proudly Brought to You by Dixie 8:01 PM

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Blogger Comedy + said ... (7/09/2007 8:57 PM) : 

He is going to do fine Mom. I just love all your stories about Matt. Glad the meatloaf was the best ever too. I agree, no more week off from your bloggin buddies. :)


Blogger lisa said ... (7/09/2007 9:12 PM) : 

hi, I just scooted over from Matt-man's place and read your post. All the best to your son (and you and his sister) as he starts this new adventure!


Blogger Julie said ... (7/09/2007 9:55 PM) : 

Aww what wonderful memories here. He sounds like a wonderful young man....he must be because he had you to influence him



Blogger Amazing Gracie said ... (7/10/2007 5:41 AM) : 

Aw, Dixie...you're breaking my heart here! He sounds like such a neat young man. And in that transitition stage of young pup and young man. He'll be fine - here's where your faith comes into play!!!


Blogger Matt-Man said ... (7/10/2007 1:36 PM) : 

Good Luck to you and Matt Dixie. And by the way send me some meatloaf if there is any left. I looooove meatloaf!! Cheers...


Blogger Dixiechick said ... (7/10/2007 2:40 PM) : 

Sandee, I know he's going to do fine. I know that he is going to be a different young man. I have more stories to tell. Glad you like them.

Lisa, thanks for stopping by.

Julie, he is a wonderful young man and one that I'm so very proud of.

Grace, yes I'm am learning the true meaning of "faith".

Matt, I'd be so glad to send you some meatloaf, but it's all gone. That doesn't last long in our house.


Blogger Linda said ... (7/10/2007 4:16 PM) : 

Meatloaf ... that was always my Dad's very favorite thing and my Mom used to make it for him at least once a week. She hasn't made it once since he died over four years ago.

Matt is right, you'll wish he was there knocking you off of your floatie when he's gone but at least you have all the memories of him doing it this time - that will always make you smile!


Blogger Meribah said ... (7/10/2007 4:42 PM) : 

You PROMISE not to leaves us??? LOL Awww, it's nice that you got to spend some quality time with your son, and that he doesn't mind saying those "three little words" to you all the time. What a gift! I'm sure he will do you proud. Hugs!


Blogger Dixiechick said ... (7/10/2007 9:49 PM) : 

Linda, I have always loved meatloaf. Actually, my mom makes the very best.

Yes, I know he's right. These memories help me get through this right now.

Meri, I promise... cross my heart... and yes he is a true gift.


Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said ... (7/11/2007 9:59 AM) : 

that drill sergeant will get those socks off the floor! bwahahahahaha

smiles, bee


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