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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Picture taken from

Sorry folks no Thursday Thirteen today. I did have one - 13 things that you will hear out of my kids mouths at any time, will post next week. Something has happened this week and I feel that it is important that I post about it. This is something that is really bothering me...

Monday, after I get to Pulaski, I go to Sonic and get some lunch. I am ordering my lunch and see this man, around the age of 65 - 70 who appears to be homeless, walks in front of my car and over to the outside table and sit down. One of the girls that works there came out, called him by name and said something that I couldn't hear and he responded. Next thing I know she is bringing him a coke out. He shuffles through his pocket and hands her some change. A few minutes later another girls comes out with my food. I ask her...

"Is that man sitting there homeless?''

"No", she replies.

"Does he have money for food", I ask

She says, "We give him food and sometimes people will give money and we put it in a box in there for him."

So I hand her some money for his food fund. It wasn't much as I didn't have much cash on me but it would buy at least a couple meals.

I've had this man on my mind all week...

TODAY.... I go BACK to Sonic for lunch and there he sits again. Today, he is eating what appears to be a hamburger some fries and a coke.

I order my food. The girl, who appears to be no older than 19 or 20, brings me my food and I ask again about him....

She tells me that he lives in a Veterans Group Home here in Pulaski. She tells me that his name is Eugene and that he is a very sweet man but when he came back from the war that he was really messed up. I ask her from what war but she didn't know. I thank her for the information and give her some more money and told her to put it in his food fund. She said that she would and gave me a very nice thank you.

As I drive away I'm thinking that it had to have been the Vietnam war. That was the only war that this gentleman could have possibly been in because of his apparent age.
Once I get back to the plant, I e-mail friend SARGE CHARLIE because I know he will be able to tell me. He e-mails me back and says -

"Yes, there is a lot of Vietnam Vets that live under bridges, drug addicts or drunks, he would be the right age. Homeless vets is a big problem, some of us had the support to get through it, others did not."

Ok y'all this really bothers me. We have veterans who have bravely served our country that do not or did not get they help they needed when they came back. Therefore they are having to live like this - under bridges, homeless shelters or group homes.
Let's get real folks... animals are treated better than this.

I know that I'm just one person and that there is really nothing that I can do. But if we all worked together maybe - just maybe it could make a difference.
I guess you can call me a softie if you want, I don't care ... but it truly breaks my heart ... it truly bothers me to know that there are people out there who do not know where their next meal is going to come from or where they will lay their head that night.
Finally from the same website as I found the picture posted is a poem

What is a Nam Vet?
Guy L. Jones (110801) Co A & Hq,43d Signal Bn, Pleiku Vietnam 68-69.

He is a man who once was a boy who loved to joke and play with his buddies.
He is a man who once never believed in fear or death.
He is a man who in one day learns that fear was real.
He is a man who grew up very fast in a world of real life death
and not the games you play as a kid when you play cops and robbers.

He is a man who learns to cry when fear over took him.
He is a man who learns to have faith in his buddies to help him survive in battle.
He is a man who came home to hate and scorn from his friends.
He is a man who now must live with the demons of his past.
He is a man who must now live in a world of life, love and pain.

He is a man who must deal with his wounds
that he brought home from a war far from home.
He is a man who must stand sometimes alone
but always with the love and faith of his family
and those who have been there also.

What is a Nam Vet
he is a man who still can stand tall in his heart
and who still believes in his country.
Proudly Brought to You by Dixie 9:39 PM

Comments on ""


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/10/2007 8:16 AM) : 

It is sad isn't it. Unfortunately, there were a lot of men who came back from that war with little to no support from their own governments or society in general for that matter. In this day and age though, it is completely inexcusable that a war vet should still fall through the cracks...

You have a big heart, Dixie.
Bless you;


Blogger Sarge Charlie said ... (5/10/2007 9:36 AM) : 

You got me in tears now Dixie, it is so true. It is sad, the problem is there is help for the vets if they know how to access it, unfortunately there is no TV under the bridge. When I see someone I think has fallen through the cracks I try to direct him to treatment for his addictions. Unfortunately, drank and drugs are just a symptom of the real problem, mental health. My experience has proven to me that the VA will take care of that problem, the homeless vet often never finds this source of help. I would think a Vet home would arrange mental health for your old soldier, you can lead a horse to water but cannot force him to drink. Sad but true.........


Blogger SGT DUB said ... (5/10/2007 10:18 AM) : 

More tears here. But I am also very proud of the folks at the Sonic for not only "not" making him go away, but treating him like a family member, getting to know him, and doing just a small kind act to help him. This is true America at it's finest. Thanks for sharing.


Blogger Angell said ... (5/10/2007 11:37 AM) : 

Oh Dix - what a wonderful post.

It is so sad - it happens here in Canada too. The men and women who bravely fight for our countries often come home with mental wounds and scars, and some families just don't know how to deal with it, or don't care enough to find a way.

I too wish we could help them all. It just makes me cry...

Thank you for your big heart.


Blogger Comedy + said ... (5/10/2007 2:10 PM) : 

Great job. There are a bunch out there and I agree that they are not treated properly, either by the government or U.S. citizens. You go girl.


Blogger Starrlight said ... (5/10/2007 3:00 PM) : 

What a lovely post Dixie =)


Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said ... (5/10/2007 3:12 PM) : 

dixie sarge is right, there is help for them, sadly some don't want it, or for whatever reason don't get it. the va (veterans administration) has lots of programs for them and what they need most, mental health help. they just have to go get it. sigh... very sad indeed, thanks for posting it!

smiles, bee


Blogger Meribah said ... (5/10/2007 3:12 PM) : 

It is just so sad when the broken in mind and spirit end up on the sidelines, becoming human refuse in an uncaring world. I just wish more people were like you, Dixie. Hugs.


Blogger Tisha! said ... (5/10/2007 6:43 PM) : 

yes war veterans suffer a great deal during battle and upon their return.

I wish they would be supervised/accompanied better when the get back :)


Blogger Bond said ... (5/10/2007 7:18 PM) : 

my friend... you have done a wonderful thing here... the people at Sonic should be honored for their kindness

now i need a tissue sugarbaby


Blogger Travis said ... (5/10/2007 8:13 PM) : 

Big thanks to the people at Sonic. And it makes me smile that these are young people doing their best to take care of this gentleman.


Blogger julie said ... (5/11/2007 8:39 PM) : 

Yup I'm a tad choked up too.....props to Sonic and all the people that just TRY! That's all we can do..just try!


Blogger Maryfly said ... (5/14/2007 1:39 PM) : 

Dixie girl, I love you even more. Wonderful post and God bless you and those Sonic employees. BSK


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