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I'm a 40 something single mother of 2 - Matt, a United States Marine, who is married to the most beautiful girl in the world, Ashley and Kaitlin 14 going on 21, need I say more... two grandchildren, Tyler and Jordyn who is the applie of Mimi's eye... I have the most wonderful man in my life right now. Tony is my true soulmate. I am so happy with my life.... it can't get any better than this!

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Not much to post today. I'm back home for the weekend but will be traveling back to Pulaski on Monday. I did get this blonde joke in my e-mail... too funny

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Nothing much planned for here except clean house and catch up on sleep.

Pregnant Blonde

The other day my neighbor, who is blonde, came running up to me in the driveway just jumping for joy! I didn't know why she was jumping for joy but I thought, what the heck, and I starting jumping up and down along with her.

She said, "I have some really great news!" I said, "Great. Tell me why you're so happy." She stopped jumping and, breathing heavily from all the jumping up and down, told me that she was pregnant!

I knew that she had been trying for a while so I told her, "That's great! I couldn't
be happier for you!"

Then she said, "There's more." I asked, "What do you mean 'more'?" She said, "Well, we are not having just one baby. We are going to have TWINS!"

Amazed at how she could know so soon after getting pregnant, I asked her how she knew. She said....

(You're going to love this!)

"Well, that was the easy part. I went to Wal-Mart and they actually and home pregnancy kit in a twin-pack. Both tests came out positive!"
Proudly Brought to You by Dixie 10:20 AM

Comments on ""


Blogger Angell said ... (4/27/2007 11:24 AM) : 

GROAN - get the hook.....


Luv yas Dix!


Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said ... (4/27/2007 11:54 AM) : 

ha ha ha... love me some blonde jokes!

smiles, bee


Blogger Matt-Man said ... (4/27/2007 12:00 PM) : 

Bada Bing....Have a wunnerful weekend Dixie. Cheers!!


Blogger the108 said ... (4/27/2007 1:13 PM) : 

HA HA HA!!! Too funny!


Blogger Sarge Charlie said ... (4/27/2007 4:32 PM) : 

what if they came in a 4pack, oh my


Blogger julie said ... (4/28/2007 6:27 AM) : 

...and then if one was positive and one negative you could say that you're having one of each!

UGH! You figure which is which!


Blogger Skittles said ... (4/28/2007 6:03 PM) : 

Oh geez.. lol


Blogger Bond said ... (4/29/2007 6:20 AM) : 

ba DUM



Blogger Comedy + said ... (4/29/2007 8:22 PM) : 

OMG...Just when you think they can't be any dumber, they are. That was great.


Blogger Tisha! said ... (4/30/2007 4:48 AM) : 

oh gosh LMAO she probably went and bought 2 of everything :)



Blogger Mags said ... (5/02/2007 7:38 AM) : 

Thank God she didn't go to Sams Club for the super saving value pack!


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